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Crafford Attorneys was established in 2009, following a strategic decision by its founding partner Carel P. Crafford, to find a law firm with a specific focus on labour and employment services, which grew rapidly and later included employee benefit (pension law) services.


Crafford Attorneys has since developed supplementary services with a focus on tax, insurance, and corporate matters making it an essential companion for any successful business.


The size of our business and operating units is a vital factor in our business model, one that we are committed to preserving. It gives us the flexibility to handle the largest projects our clients might contemplate whilst retaining the loyalty, close relations and camaraderie that we enjoy with them.


We strive to attract and retain exceptional individuals by encouraging teams to take ownership of matters and business units. This allows them the freedom to operate within clearly defined risk parameters while accepting the accompanying responsibility.


Our core strength and greatest wealth lie in the abilities, commitment and passion of our management and staff. Integrity, honesty and accountability are at the heart of our business. To this end, our employees adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct and ethical standards in everything they do.

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr


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